úterý 7. února 2012

I am going to start of with one of the two characters which is Juliet. She is a young woman from the house of the Capulets as I have already mentioned in an earlier post. Her father insists on her marrying a man called Count Paris but unfortunately she falls in love with Romeo who is the son of her family´s greatest enemy the Montagues. Juliet is an intelligent young woman but sometimes she seems a little timid to me because of her age. She is both very passionate and mature. Eventhough her greatest love, Romeo, kills her cousin Tybalt, she is able to forgive him and give her life for their love. I personally adore her because she stood up to her family and secretly married the man she truly loved and not just some randome man, who she is not in love with. All about Juliet for today, you will find out more later :-)

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