sobota 25. února 2012

Another theme of the story is chance and fate. It is not known if it is fate right from the start that at the end Romeo and Juliet die because of their love or if it is only a series of unlucky changes that leads to this conclusion. Maybe, I could be fater right from the start because in the prologue Shakespeare describes the main characters as "star-cross´d" which tells us that a bad thing may happen at the end because stars have already predetermined what their destiny is going to be like. Or this is something that I think, others may have a different view. On the other hand, as some scholars think, the story may be about unlucky chances. For example, it wasn´t fate that Romeo was banished from Verona by killing Tybalt because this Romeo´s action wasn´t impulsive at all. He killed Tybalt because Tybalt killed Mercutio. Well, whether or not Shakespear wrote this play as a play of fate or unlucky chances, we still can agree that this is a major theme of the play as well.

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